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Farewell 2015




Lonely Like Me Series

Christmas is in a few days, and like every year, I can’t believe the end of December is around the corner. This month is one of my favorites, but its also jam packed with stress related to whole gift-giving season. I love to get something special for my family, but going out to the mall or Target with the crazies is a personal nightmare. Thank the Lord for Amazon! It’s where I go to shop and it’s also where I find a ton of stuff for my own wish list. This year I have high hopes that Santa will bring me a book or two from my all-time favorite graphic novelist Daniel Clowes.


Source: Juxtapoz, September 2012

I have read several of Daniel Clowes’s books including Ghost World, Wilson, Mister Wonderful, Ice Haven and my all-time favorite, The Death Ray. I absolutely love his work and would consider him to be one of my major influences as an artist. His stories are well crafted and interesting, but it’s his visual style I like the most. When I read his books, I stare at the way he has drawn his characters and analyze the line work that makes up the fine details. I feel energized just looking at his color palette. I have read The Death Ray several times and last April I even recreated the iconic weapon from the book on a piece of plywood I was using as a table top for my sawhorses. I tried to enlarge the image using simple math and a couple of rulers to make measurements based directly from the book. In doing this project, I feel I really got some insight into his work by dissecting and then recreating one of his illustrations.


My very own version of the Death Ray (actual size is 30 x 18)

In the past week, I started creating more character-based drawings that stem from a series I started four years ago called Lonely Like Me. I have posted on the older drawings previously and have made several paintings based on some of the originals. The series is designed in a Zine format and each booklet holds about 8 drawings. I love working on these and feel these latest ones are getting stronger visually. The next step is to commit to building their story. Maybe one day I will combine all of these ideas into a novel of my own.


Lonely Like Me: The New Season


There are a couple of places I will not be over the next few days, first is the mall and second is the studio. Well sorta…I actually need to spend some time in the garage putting together a new Schwinn bike with a purple banana seat and some sweet handle bar tassles. But that’s a walk in the park compared to standing in line to check out at Target. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you filthy animals.


Lonely Like Me: The New Season Title Page



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