David Norcross

Owl Yeah Man

A while ago I finished up another set of three bird paintings on 6-inch round birch panels. I started these pieces two nights before the Fall Foliage Festival back in October with the intent on taking them to the show. That plan was ambitious, seeing as how I also had other pieces to finish and still had to pack up all of my work. While I did make some good progress, I had to abort the plans so that I wouldn’t compromise quality.

Just like the first set of bird paintings, I worked on these at the same time making them one set. The blue backgrounds are identical and they all have the same raw umber under painting that gives depth and texture to their wings. The first owl is another adaptation of the original. This makes the third time I have painted a version of this, but this time around it is more abstract than the previous two. I keep coming back to it because I love the design and I enjoy tweaking and changing the details.




Looking at all three together, I think you can see a progression of the idea of abstraction. By the time we get to the third owl, it is totally fictional and a product of pure imagination. For that reason, alone it’s my favorite.


While I may not have finished these in time to take them with me to Waynesboro, I did come home and jump right back into them. I really enjoyed working on these and am stoked with the end result.


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