David Norcross

Slippery When Wet

The Fall Foliage Festival Art Show is less than a month away and I’m pumped. With more ideas for new paintings than time to complete them, it’s been hard to sleep. Thankfully this amazingly cool weather we’ve had lately makes spending evenings in my garage studio easy. Last year this festival was a lot of fun for me and despite the terrible luck I had with the weather (it rained all day both days of the event), I actually sold some paintings.

With the festival in mind, I finished up two new artworks that I plan on taking back home to Waynesboro. I started with the snake painting first and in the beginning stages of that painting, I got the inspiration to work on the fish. Both are painted on really old wooden file cabinet drawers that I found in our first home. The drawers were originally turned on their sides and stacked to make shelves. The wood is a beautiful dark tone with nicks, gouges and lots of other natural-looking distress marks. The other side is actually painted with a thick coat of bold, orange lacquer (you can see hints of it from a sloppy paint job). When I first saw these drawers, I knew immediately I had to take my sawzall to them, cut them down and reuse the wood. From these old file drawers I have made floating shelves, a side table to my favorite chair and several of these long paintings.

Blue Fish

Blue Snake

It feels like these two really go well with each other. In fact, if I had more time I think I could make several more in this same vein. I couldn’t be happier with the cool colors I chose for the subjects against the contrasting warm oranges that drip and splatter randomly. The dark wood that surrounds the artwork makes the blue and green colors pop in comparison. Each painting measures 10.5″x45.25″, so the subject matter was a perfect fit for these long and skinny boards.

The festival takes place on October 11th and 12th. Come rain or shine my beautiful assistant and me will be pushing pigment on panels. Stop by my tent and check out these two new ones – they are visually way better in person and are amazing to run your fingers across. Hope to see you in the ‘Boro.

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