David Norcross

Nature Lovers

I recently finished my latest commission that has been in the works for the past two months. After many hours going back and forth in my head and my studio, it finally came together and I am very excited with where it ended.

These clients are actually repeat customers – they are the same ones who commissioned Cosmic Stains. This time around they were looking to go in a different direction. The main objective was to create something funky and abstract, but somewhat representational. They love bold, bright color and wanted to work with nature as the theme. The dimensions of the space they wanted to fill was 55″ wide by 45″ tall. As I was leaving our initial meeting for this project, they mentioned the idea of filling the space with multiple paintings instead of one large piece. I immediately got excited by that idea and went home to research some options.

Since Cosmic Stains is on canvas and because I knew they wanted something different, I started looking at various sizes of wood panels. I decided to go with one large panel (30×40) and two smaller ones (24×20) that could be hung together as one large piece. The final dimensions would be 54×40 – almost exactly what we had discussed.

The challenge was creating three unique paintings that could easily stand on their own, but also work well together and enhance the subject matter in each. I knew my clients also really liked Smells of Nature, so I tried to bring the idea of opposites and balance from that painting into this work. I like to think I accomplished that with the juxtaposition of these paintings – the solid mountain that has been built layer by layer over time beside the fragility of budding, new growth and the role that each living creature plays in keeping the two in balance.

It was pretty cool to see how these worked in their space with the other painting I did for them. I reused some of the colors from that piece in these paintings and the repeating dots in both definitely help tie the two together. The whole idea of having repeat clients is pretty amazing. Thanks again, friends, for the love.

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