David Norcross

Sorry Mom and Easy Lucy

Over the past month I’ve been working on a new commission series, new work for the upcoming art festival in Waynesboro, and these funky portraits.

Both of these pieces are on 6×8 oval birch panels and both are loosely based on photographs from the Interwebs, tweaked and stylized to my personal aesthetic.

The female is titled Easy Lucy. I was originally drawn to her expression and look of surprise. I used primarily cool colors, except for her hair and eyes, which makes those features really pop. I love her hair and how it accentuates her neckline.

The male is titled Sorry Mom. In the original photo, there was a look of innocence that only comes from a young age. It was very staged and I could imagine his mother standing behind the photographer trying to get him to smile pretty. It was the kind of photo that would be framed on the mantle in the living room. I thought it would be funny to add in a bunch of tattoos and a mustache and make him a little rebel. The snake, skull, knife and tear drop are not something your typical mom would be psyched about on their baby boy.

Last year I had a lot of success with pieces this size at the art festival. Hoping these will find a home on someone’s mantel this year.

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