David Norcross

Second Time Around

This week I finished up a commission for a friend and fellow artist. She was originally interested in this piece, titled Bird Man’s Magic, for her son.

Bird Man's Magic

Bird Man’s Magic

But with her second son on the way, she thought it would be cool for each boy to have his own painting to grow with. Specifically, she wanted a blue bird facing left…

Blue Magic

Blue Magic

And a red bird facing right.

Red Magic

Red Magic

These paintings are on 24″ square birch panels. After sanding them and giving them a base coat of paint, I layered on many different color washes. I was shooting for a cosmic, out of this world, dreamlike effect. The figures are a blend of human and bird. Their gaze is upward to the sky and their arms are reaching out. Around the tips of the fingers is an explosion of tiny specs of color which represent the magic. I like how these paintings could be interpreted two ways – the magic could be coming from within or they could be reaching out to touch it.

The link between these paintings and the original inspiration is obvious, but I feel like it looks much stronger the second time around. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and along the way I discovered some new methods for my washes that I can’t wait to experiment with again. These two guys have me pumped to keep going and hopefully find some magic of my own.


*Original sketch drawn by me and colored by my 2 1/2 year old. She used water color, crayon and marker. I helped a little 🙂



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