David Norcross

Color Me Crazy

For a few weeks this month, I’ve been working at Marbles Kids Museum as the December featured artist in their Playdate with an Artist Series. I’ve had a blast working with the kids again and it definitely takes me back to my days in the classroom.

IMG_1506For the workshops, I put together a program based on coloring pages and the idea of developing a community canvas. Coloring books were the first introduction to art for many of us, but they can also be a great tool to learn about concepts like scale, composition and use of pattern. I designed a bunch of coloring pages that we printed up for the kids to color. We also have a painting station set up and a community canvas (technically cardboard), which allows me to paint with the kids. These murals will serve as a final installation at the end of the residency.

The staff at Marbles has been fantastic to work with and my days have definitely gone fast with all of the school groups and kids who come through the museum. If you’re in town, I’ll be there tomorrow, December 10 as well as December 13-15 and 17. Come check us out and color yourself crazy.

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