David Norcross

Let the Festivities Begin

A few weeks ago I went to my first “Art Salon” hosted by the Carrack and Mercury Studio. The Art Salon is an open call to artists in the community to bring in both works in progress and finished pieces for open discussion and critique. I didn’t take any of my own work. I was just there to check it out and observe. There were a broad range of artists there, in style, age and medium. It was an interesting conversation to say the least.

While I was there, Laura, the owner of the Carrack, asked for some help with a project for their upcoming fundraiser, Red Dot. I was already planning to donate two pieces for the community show, but this project was for the silent auction. One of their interns had created a small sculpture of their logo using chipboard. Each artist was asked to take one, design it and then cut, fold and glue it to create a 3D logo. They would then be used as thank you gifts for the donors. I happily designed one and dropped it off with my other work.

IMG_0984For my two donated works, I actually ended up doing four 8×8 drawings. I designed two images and then using my light table I traced the image backwards to create two mirror images. I used the same color palette on all four, but chose to make the images slightly different, thinking of them as two sets. I finished the image with coffee stains and placed them in my green frames. The extra set will come with me this weekend. I think they turned out great. I love the colors in the painting with the color of the frame.

I also spent this week wrapping up loose ends for the Fall Foliage Festival this weekend. Using some 1x2s and lattice I framed in several of my wood panel paintings giving them a clean finished edge. I really enjoy making my own frames. Its a nice final touch and it feels very personal to me – its like taking another step to care for this handmade object. The only downside is the risk of destroying the artwork in the process when using nails and screws to attach the frame to the art. Let’s just say I spent the day with my stomach in my throat, but luckily I didn’t lose any paintings in the process.

I am super excited to show my friends and family all of my hard work from this past year. I have spent a lot of time alone in my garage working late nights and getting through the days with my two year-old on little sleep. Hopefully getting some good feedback this weekend will make it feel worthwhile. Wish me luck.



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