David Norcross

Three is a magic number

Painting in threes continues. There must be something magic about the number three because I’ve been able to knock out two series of three in the last two weeks, which is very productive for me.

This time I’m working on three 8×10 canvases and painting a series of “portraits.” Obviously these aren’t human subjects or at least not ones that are alive. Say hi to Longhair, Rainbow and Robo Skull. I always enjoy designing new characters. I like playing with the shapes and orientation of the eyes, nose and mouth to come up with something different each time. Its always been way more fun for me to create a new character than try to replicate anything realistic.

I like Longhair a lot. That’s the beardless one in the first image above and to the left in these sketches. Although the majority of people I paint are men, some are women. This one is in fact, male, but it looks ambiguous and I like how that turned out. 

IMG_0873I applied the same style on these as I have with the recent mountain landscapes and bird paintings. I have really liked pushing myself to keep my lines clean, sharp, uniform and precise. I went with the same composition and color palette for all three paintings, which makes them really feel like a series.

The mustard yellow color is recycled interior house paint. I feel like I should mention that although I recycle a lot of materials, I don’t consider myself that type of artist. I use a mix of new and used materials. These pieces are a good representation of that – the canvas is scraps from bigger paintings, the stretchers are reused from three paintings I did in college that I didn’t like anymore, but the medium blue paints are new and I’m totally digging them with the yellow.

Still working on the quilted beard guy to the right of the photo above. I’m hoping to have him finished for next time.

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