David Norcross

Blue Birds on Birch


I’ve been working on building up my inventory of works to take to art festivals this fall. I wanted to do a series of smaller paintings, so that I would be able to show a range of sizes and price points in my booth. I found these American Easel cradled birch painting panels in one of the art catalogs and decided to give them a try. These are the 8-inch circles, but they come in a ton of different shapes and sizes. Although the description in the catalog said they were sanded and ready for paint, they were definitely not. To get them ready, I just sanded them with a fine grit sandpaper and painted them with a base coat. I actually use old house paint for a lot of my base coats. I have a generous supply of test pots from friends who had a hard time deciding which color to paint their kitchen šŸ™‚

I spent an afternoon sketching with my daughter, Olive and came up with these three bird images. I continued to use the same idea of geometric shapes, like my free range triangles, to divide the body of the bird. After the rough sketch, I created a stencil for each bird and transferred them to the wood panels.

IMG_0831I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. I have a few more sets of these panels and plan to take the same approach on them, painting three different versions of a subject. I’d love to sell these guys as a family at the show, but I think they work by themselves or in a pair too, which is great to offer as an option.

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