David Norcross

I’m With the Band

I had the best group of friends growing up. They were crazy, hilarious and, unlike me, musically talented. Now that we all have kids of our own, they have a band called BlueRock. Last year, for their first album, they asked me to do the artwork and I couldn’t have been more stoked to help out. I’m a huge music lover and I’ve always wanted to illustrate gig posters and album artwork for the bands I listen to. Plus, at their CD release party, I finally got to say ‘I’m with the band’ – and there is nothing cooler than that.

BlueRock’s music is just like its name suggests, one part blue grass and one part rock and roll. Both are Americana to me, so I tried to pick up on that vibe with my illustrations for the cover art. Here are the options I came up with:

Ultimately, this is the cover option they chose. The coolest part might have been getting to design the whole package, including the CD art.

I’m super proud of these guys for taking what used to be all night jam sessions to the next level and putting together an album. If you are anywhere near Charlottesville, VA, they’ll be playing at the Whiskey Jar this coming Friday, August 16. Check them out and order yourself a rye whiskey. I like mine neat.

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