David Norcross

Free Range Triangles

For the past few months I have been painting with a lot of soft lines, subtle layers of color and organic shapes, but recently I’ve been going in a different direction. This is a page out of my sketchbook, which began a series of paintings with hard lines and geometric shapes.


These pieces are part of that series. They are both still in progress and unfinished. I am using acrylic paint on wood here, which actually lends itself to the straight lines because it is a much smoother surface to paint on compared to the canvas I normally use. The triangles below are just an underpainting so far. I’m currently bouncing around several ideas for what I am going to paint on top. I know it will be a dark silhouette of something, but I’m just not sure what yet. I do know that I’ll be using raw umber to paint the subject. Its my favorite color at the moment and I use it to outline every piece.

IMG_0764No matter what direction I’m going, mountains always seem to be a part of my work. The color palette I’m working with for this piece is definitely different from the greens and blues I’ve been using. The strong horizontal bars at the top are also a departure from the drips of paint in my other pieces. The word ‘Free’ here is intended to reference nature as a place to find freedom, but also a place of lawlessness.


I’ll be sure to post updated images as I continue to work on these pieces. The more I paint, the more I find myself shifting gears every few months from one end of a spectrum to the other. In this case, from organic to geometric shapes. Who knows where these free range triangles will be headed next.

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